Why Three Churches?

At the Arden Church Center, we believe that church is not a one-size-fits-all occasion.

We believe in the unity of all of God's people.

For over 30 years we have lived out these beliefs on our campus,
offering three unique and complimentary worshiping communities from which to choose.

three churches

three churches

Arden Christian Church

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Arden Christian Church
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Grace Presbyterian Church

Grace Prebyterian Church is an inclusive community of faith that affirms individual differences, personal and spiritual growth, social justice, and equality.

Sacramento Church of God Seventh Day

The Sacramento Church of God (Seventh Day) is a community united by our faith in Jesus Christ. We exist to worship the Lord, share the good news of salvation, provide spiritual education and train our members to serve God.


Arden Church Center History

Arden Church Center

In 1955, a group of young families moved into Arden Park and Carmichael. Even though they already belonged to churches in other parts of Sacramento, they began to recognize the need for a new church closer to home. Seeded from several area churches, Arden Christian Church came into being in 1957, first meeting in a funeral home and eventually buying the property at 4300 Las Cruces Way.

Arden Church Center

Arden grew rapidly, and began construction on the current worship space in 1966. Recognizing the desire to share the campus with the community at large, in 1970 Grace Presbyterian Church was invited to share worship space. Joined in 1972 by Sacramento Church of God (Seventh Day), these three worshiping communities form the Arden Church Center.

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Arden Christian Church
Rev. Michael Hamm, Senior Pastor
(916) 483-2733 (voice)

Grace Presbyterian Church
Rev. Warren Barnes, Pastor
(916) 487-7849 (voice)

Sacramento Church of God (Seventh Day)
Elder David Kauer, Pastor
(916) 487-1193 (voice)